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Signature Pest Control LLC

We're not the biggest....just the best!

Spiders, Ants, and General bugs.

We offer interior and exterior treatments for all general bugs.  These include: spiders, ants, wasps, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, boxelders, earwigs, etc.  *Pricing starts as low as $26.00 per month.*


In Northern Utah, we have subterranean termites. 

These termites can attack your home from very small cracks in your foundation.  They can do substantial damage to your home if not treated properly.  Our team members are trained in the most effective and up to date methods available.  (Pricing is based off linear ft, type of structure, and type of treatment.)

Bed bugs.

We offer Heat Treatments for bed bugs.  We're the first company in UTAH to have this type of system and we've been providing Heat treatments for almost 10 years.  With a 99.99% success rate, and a one and done treatment.  You will be happy to get back to normal life. 

For more information about bed bug services, please visit "www.utahbedbugs.com"

Lawn Treatments. (Insects only)

When pests are present in your lawn, your lawn can struggle to compete with both water and food.  Eliminating these pests can help keep your lawn greener and healthier.  Treating your lawn can also help keep your home pest free.